Community Housing Limited

8 Social Housing Units (CHVL)

Project Type:


Project Status:


Project Location Investment Zone:

  Bendigo Central Zone

  Golden Square 

Total Target Investment:


Beneficiaries and annual benefit (Year 1 estimate):

  CHVL:  $2,650       BSG:      $1,760 *

* 10-year agreement.  BSG provides project establishment, management, monitoring, reporting, insurance, maintenance and warranty oversight.

The solar PV system to be installed on the set of 8 Community Housing Limited (Victoria) Units in Golden Square will significantly reduce ongoing electricity costs to the eight social housing tenants who are all on Healthcare cards.  Savings are estimated at about $25 per month per tenant or $300 per year each.  This will strengthen their financial positions and assist with their financial independence and quality of living.

Community Housing (Victoria) Limited

A registered not-for-profit housing organisation in Victoria.  CHVL provides both long term housing, transitional housing and a range of homelessness services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
Phone:  1300 245 468

Provides crisis accommodation and transitional housing options, social housing, affordable housing, referral and support, repairs and maintenance and training and employment.

All of CHVLs benefit from this project will flow directly to the tenants of the eight properties by way of reduced rental costs passed on by CHVL.