By becoming a member you’re demonstrating your commitment to the goals and values of the BSG.

We want more people like you!

Funds raised through membership go towards the basic costs of operating an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, and to run local sustainability events and activities.

There are lot’s of benefits to becoming a BSG member. BSG members receive:

  • Subscription to the BSG monthly e-news
  • Free entry to monthly events of Sustainability at the Pub & Docos for Difference
  • Discounted entry into annual events – such as Sustainability Awards, Sustainability Fair & Sustainable House Day
  • Discounted entry to other events hosted by the BSG
  • Discounts on products sold via the BSG shop – such as Toilet paper, Tissue paper & Paper towel
  • Complimentary hire of sustainability books from our BSG Library

The BSG regularly advocates on behalf of it’s members on a wide range of sustainability topics so joining as a member, you are helping to contribute to a more ecologically delightful Bendigo!

You might also like to become part of an Action Group and make a real difference.

BSG membership fees have been set to make membership accessible to all in the community.

Pay your membership online

Membership Fees

Individual $30
Individual concession $15
Family $45
Family concession $30
Organisation 1-7 employees $80
Organisation 8-25 employees $145
Organisation 25+ employees $320